Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Borough of West Homestead streamlines operations with Edge AI’s Pipe Dream™ Solution

In a world where reliable and efficient sewer maintenance is crucial for communities, the Borough of West Homestead found an innovative partner in Edge AI’s Pipe Dream solution.


West Homestead is a borough of Pennsylvania located eight miles southeast of Pittsburgh, and serves approximately two thousand residents in its community.

The borough, currently under a consent decree, needs an affordable and efficient method for inspecting their pipelines and resolving issues. With several suppliers to choose from, the borough selected a partnership with Edge AI to provide a comprehensive and easy-to-use AI robotics solution for their pipeline inspection.

Fast Implementation & Results

Edge AI’s Pipe Dream solution offers a practical, portable, and proactive approach for the Borough of West Homestead’s sewer management needs. The high-quality camera system allows for quick assessments and enables the borough to make informed decisions regarding their infrastructure. 

“One of the biggest wins we found was quickly and affordably obtaining a high-volume of footage in a very short period of time,” said West Homestead Borough Engineer, Mark B. “The efficient process prevented the need to tie up a lot of internal resources and saved us time.”

Within three months, the borough achieved approximately 35,000 feet of camera work, a feat that previously took two to three years and substantial resources to accomplish.

Easy to Use Solution

The Pipe Dream solution is designed to be intuitive and accessible for field operators. Its entirely battery-operated, portable design allows easy access into easements where traditional truck systems simply cannot reach, eliminating downtime and improving overall efficiency.

“The features I like the most are the easy setup and the easy deployment into the manhole. Everything is very easy to use. Within a few hours, I became pretty comfortable with the system,” said Anthony D., West Homestead Sewer Technician.

Cost Savings

The affordable subscription-based model offered by Edge AI allows the Borough of West Homestead to always have a system on hand for quick and easy assessments. 

“Based on the calculation of footage required and the amount of footage coded, I believe we saved an excess of a hundred thousand dollars in 2022,” said Bill E., West Homestead Borough Manager.

Valuable Collaboration

Edge AI’s Pipe Dream solution has revolutionized the way the Borough of West Homestead manages its sewer infrastructure. By providing an cost effective, mobile, and user-friendly solution, Edge AI has empowered the borough to operate more efficiently, while also saving valuable time and resources. The partnership between Edge AI and the Borough of West Homestead exemplifies the power of combining innovative and practical technology with professional and competent services, ultimately enhancing the way communities manage their wastewater systems.


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