Reduce your cost without compromising the quality.

Most methods of CCTV require a truck or van, onsite power, and a long-term costly commitment. This traditional equipment more often than not requires constant maintenance and repair which leads to additional costs and extensive downtime. Not to mention, it will be outdated within a few years.

With PipeDream™, you’ll never worry about capital costs, maintenance fees, or even downtime. Furthermore, our robotic solution will automatically update to ensure you’re always equipped with the latest technology and running at optimum performance.

Subscription model =

$0 Capital

No maintenance =

No downtime

Highly portable for the toughest to reach places.

Our 100% man portable system weighs only 40lbs in total, making this the most ideal solution for those tough to reach areas and easements where traditional trucks simply cannot go.

Eliminate costly fines associated with consent decrees.

By having an affordable, easy-to-use, and reliable system always at-hand, you never have to worry about the frustrations of pipeline inspections and hefty fines when under consent decree.

No extensive PACP coding experience required.

The PipeDream system is built to be highly user friendly. Our specialists will train your team to ensure confidence and ease of operation. And with the option for Edge AI to code the video for you, no extensive PACP coding experience is required for your operators or its use.


From affordability, to portability, to 360° Pan-Tilt-Zoom, PipeDream has the features other camera systems don’t.

“We saved over $100K in 2022.”

Hear from the borough manager, engineer, and sewer technician on their experience with this innovative robotics solution, and how PipeDream’s affordability, ease of use, portability, and high-quality camera system has streamlined operations to enable quick, informed decisions for efficient sewer infrastructure management.


Experience the benefits PipeDream can bring to your inspection process.

Our demos include downloadable rights to your PipeDream inspection video & PACP report.