When affordability, portability and scalability matter.

Whether your inspection needs occur once a week, once a month, or only for certain months of the year, PipeDream™ is the only pipeline inspection solution that offers affordable subscription plans tailored to your needs to ensure you always have a reliable system on hand for when you need it most.

Worried about your problem pipe locations? Our highly portable system provides easy access to even the toughest to reach places where traditional systems simply cannot venture.

No truck needed

100% Man portable

Quality meets affordability

$0 up-front capital costs

Highest portability for access where other systems can’t go.

Our 100% man portable system weighs only 40lbs in total, making this the most ideal solution for those tough to reach areas and easements where traditional trucks simply cannot go.

Subscription plans designed for smaller budgets.

No matter your frequency of need, choose from our flexible subscription plans to fit your schedule, including one and two year annual plans, lease and contract-based options, or a seasonal 6x6x6 offering.

No extensive PACP coding experience required.

The PipeDream system is built to be highly user friendly with flexible usage options and workforce training. And with the ability for Edge AI to code for you post inspection, no extensive PACP coding experience is required for your operators or its use.


From affordability, to portability, to 360° Pan-Tilt-Zoom, PipeDream has the features other camera systems don’t.


Experience the benefits PipeDream can bring to your inspection process.

Our demos include downloadable rights to your PipeDream inspection video & PACP report.