Changing the Way Contractors Get Jobs in the Industry.

For those in need of a reliable and affordable pipeline inspection solution for high-profit projects, our subscription-based PipeDream promises no maintenance fees, a rapid replacement guarantee, and automatic updates for the latest dependable technology at all times.

Free maintenance =

$0 extra fees

Rapid replacement guarantee =

No downtime

100% Man portable system weighing only 40 lbs.

Location and accessibility are no longer concerns. Our highly portable, easy-to-carry system is the most ideal solution for those tough to reach places and easements where traditional trucks simply cannot go.

Open the door to unlimited contract capacity.

PipeDream is customized to fit your budget and needs, whether that’s annual, seasonal, or contract-based. With 100% maintenance included and a rapid replacement guarantee, you’ll never worry about wasted hours or the inability to have a reliable system on hand for client work.

Built to be highly user-friendly for your team.

The entire PipeDream system is built with user friendliness in mind, and with minimal training which is provided by Edge AI, can be utilized by your current workforce to swiftly evaluate pipe conditions and establish rehabilitation strategies for your clients.


From affordability, to portability, to 360° Pan-Tilt-Zoom, PipeDream has the features other camera systems don’t.

“Having a bot that could go up the pipe from one location and not needing to be pulled from another was really huge.”

And the neatest part was we could look at what we were getting into at the very moment we were passing it. We could clearly see the obstructions or look at the pipe’s overall condition. It was really beneficial to see all of that in real time.

PipeDream saved us from wasted days and the high costs associated with other companies coming out and charging upwards of $3,000 per day with the possibility that their systems weren’t going to work. We’d definitely ask Edge AI to help us again on our next project.

Ben Hedin
Environmental Scientist,
Hedin Environmental


Experience the benefits Pipe Dream can bring to your inspection process.

Our demos include downloadable rights to your Pipe Dream inspection video & PACP report.


9:00am – 5:00pm EST